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This serves as a members’ invitation to nominate new learners for admission to the SAGMA maize or wheat accredited course through the Millers Training Assistance Programme (MTAP) at the beginning of 2024.

MTAP is a skills development initiative that has been established through collaboration between NCM and the Food and Beverages Manufacturing (FoodBev) Seta.

Background: FoodBev Seta has identified key strategic priorities to pursue from the approved Sector Skills Plan. These priorities must be formalised in the form of partnerships or collaborations with various entities, including Private Institutions with the aim of assisting FoodBev SETA to implement strategic skills development programmes.

The partnership is premised on mutual collaboration mandates to further skills development interests within the objectives of the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP). The NCM has, in various engagements with the FoodBev Seta, alluded to the challenge of an aging fraternity of experts in milling. The milling expertise and competency were gradually becoming scarce skills.

According to the FoodBev Seta, the Manufacture of Food Preparation Products sector contributed 50% of the total number of Skills Development levies collected during the 2021/22 financial year. Millers are central to the industry’s sustainability as they ensure high-quality, nutritious, and safe staple food – thereby promoting the country’s national food security and hunger alleviation. The shortage of scarce skills, which was becoming a threat, necessitated its inclusion of the milling industry in the top 10 priority list of the AGRISETA sub-sector skills planning document.

It was against the above background and various strategic discussions with the FoodBev SETA that an opportunity and need to build skills capacity in milling to address the looming shortage was identified. The NCM submitted a proposal for funding assistance to support 15 new learners in pursuit of SAGMA maize or wheat accredited course through the programme.

Programme Title: NCM Millers’ Training Assistance Programme (MTAP)

Learner’s Nomination: NCM members may submit a maximum of two candidates for consideration.

Selection Criteria: A selection criterion to evaluate suitability of nominated candidates will be in accordance with the existing requirements for SAGMA-accredited course as well as those prescribed by FoodBev Seta.  See Annexure A at the bottom of this page for the guideline for selection.

Aims & Objectives

  • Increase access to training, skills development, and employment opportunities for millers employed by SMMEs locally.
  • Curb a shortage of well-trained and skilled millers through capacity building needed for the industry’s sustainability and its meaningful contribution towards national imperatives of food security, inclusive growth, employment creation and social development

Duration: The programme will be introduced in the first semester of 2024 for the enrolment of 15 new students to pursue a full-time SAGMA maize or wheat course offered over a period of two years. The learners will be expected to complete and qualify by the end of the 2025 academic period.

Impact: MTAP will contribute towards building a pool of well-trained, competent, and qualified millers, thereby reducing the current shortage of well-trained millers.

Financial Implications: The programme will cover full registration and tuition fees for the 15 successful new learners enrolled through the MTAP. The financial support does not include the learners’ stipend, which would be at the employer’s discretion.

Deadline for Nomination of Candidates: The nomination of potential candidates should be submitted to the SAGMA Course Administrator & Student Support on or before the 24th of November 2023. The contact details are as follows:
Elmien Bussiahn, tel: +27 (0)60 643 0453 or +27 (0)12 663 1660  or e-mail:

Looking forward to members’ expression of interest and nominations of candidates for consideration in the Millers Training Assistance Programme to be introduced in the first semester of 2024.


Boikanyo Mokgatle
Executive Director  

MTAP Application Form 2024
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