2009 Information

Any interested people can register for the wheat and maize milling technology courses but as this is a technology course, assignments and examinations will contain questions requiring practical experience/exposure in the wheat and maize industry.

The entry level for enrolment for this course is grade 10 (Std 8) and proof of qualification is required on registering.

The medium of course material and tuition will only be in English or Afrikaans.

Passing the progress assignment (50%) is a prerequisite for entrance to write the end of term examination.  Unsuccessful students will have to re-register for the failed course in the next semester.

Module 1 and 2 may be done simultaneously with written consent of the student’s mill manager.  If module 1 is failed in the exam, the student fails both modules.  (Module 1 has to be completed before module 2).

Students must all start at module 1 and progress from there.  The wheat and maize courses are separate technology courses.

Separate certificates for the wheat and maize courses in milling technology will be issued to students who successfully complete them.

Students are requested to use their official student number (received when registered for a maize or wheat course) for all correspondence and enquiries.



The first semester starts on 12 January 2009 and the closing date for registration is 6 February 2009.  The deadline for completed progress assignments from learners is 13 March 2009.

The second semester starts on 1 July 2009 and the closing date for registration is 7 August 2009.  The deadline for completed progress assignments from learners is 4 September 2009. 

The examinations take place on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 and 4 November 2009 at designated venues.  The semester ends when learners have been notified of their results.





Semester 1


Semester 2

Semester starts

12 January

1 July

Closing date for registration and payments in respect of study notes

6 February

7 August

Closing date for changes or cancellations of


13 February

14 August

Closing date for progress questions to be received by The Grain Milling Federation

13 March

4 September

Date of term test (All modules)

13 May

4 November

Semester finishes

30 June

30 November



Please make sure that the application forms are completed in full.  Each “New Learner Application form must be accompanied by an “Application for an Invoice” form. 

No study notes or progress questions will be couriered/e-mailed to learners, unless payment or proof of payment has been received by the Grain Milling Federation.

An administration fee will be charged for changes or cancellation of studies.  No fees will be refunded after the given date.

It is the responsibility of the learner to ensure that The Grain Milling Federation received their progress questions on the specified date.  Please allow enough time for the courier service when sending the progress questions.






Semester 1


Semester 2


Semester starts

11 January

30 June


Closing date for registration and payments in respect of Study Notes

5 February

6 August


Closing date for changes or cancellations of studies

12 February

16 August


Closing date for progress questions to be received by The Grain Milling Federation

12 March

3 September


Date of semester test (All modules)

12 May

3 November


Semester finishes

29 June

29 November


*  Please note that these dates are subject to change



Questions are set on each chapter of the study notes and marks allocated accordingly.  The answers to the progress questions must be submitted to the Grain Milling Federation in accordance with the instructions forwarded with the questions.  The marks attained will be accumulated towards the minimum marks required to qualify to take the semester test.

The minimum qualifying mark is 50% of the total available marks for all the chapters of that module of the course.

The questions are based mainly on the study notes and practical learning acquired in the milling environment.

The semester test will be very similar to the progress questions.



If the student has complied with the requirements in respect of progress questions as set out above, he/she will be allowed to write the semester test.  It is of 3 hours' duration, at a suitable examination centre, convenient to the majority of students in a general province, supervised by an invigilator, under strict examination conditions.  Questions for the test will be based on the theoretical and practical aspects in all the study material covered to date.



The Grain Milling Federation must be informed in writing, with supporting medical evidence or a doctor’s certificate, as soon as possible after the examination date, of the reasons why the candidate were unable to write the exam.  In this event, the student will be permitted to write the exam the following term without having to do the progress questions again.  An administration fee will be payable for writing the next semester’s examination paper. 

If the student is unable to write the exams on the specified date, we urge you to contact the Grain Milling Federation to make alternative arrangements with the Course Administrator at least one week before the exam date.  An administration fee will be payable if you decide to continue in the next semester.