Please note that the National Chamber of Milling has a new postal address:

Suite 211, Private Bag X025, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

The National Chamber of Milling

The National Chamber of Milling (NCM) is a dynamic and influential non-profit organisation representing the South African wheat and maize milling industry.

Membership is voluntary and currently comprised of organisations actively and directly involved in commercial wheat and white maize milling markets. There are possible options currently being explored to open the membership basket to include indirectly involved role-players such as industry suppliers. The membership base of the NCM is the core reason for its existence. As such, the activities of the organisation are directed at addressing the best interests of members and adding value to their business.

The object of the Chamber is to represent, promote and advance the interest of wheat, maize and other grain milling industries in general.


The Grain Milling Federation administer theoretical training through correspondence courses (distance education model) for wheat and maize milling technology.


The NCM Technical committee consists of suitably qualified technical representatives who are nominated by member milling companies to deal with all matters technical.


The National Chamber of Milling Procurement committee consists of procurement specialists nominated by their companies to deal with procurement issues.